What makes me horny
Pippalee - the Goddess, that lives amongst us human beings...
About me
I don't take SH!T from nobody, and especially not from pricks like -FIRE-
What turns me off
Disrespectful camgirls, that ban me for no reason: PolinaPrada, DaisyHott, YourAlibi, Liseno4kaDi (you fucking stalker B!TCH) and then we have WetMary, that ask me for fun and then log off, after i tipped her good amount (WTF)

Not to forget, -FIRE- ... The jealous and "the world spins only around me" motherfucking piece of SH!T... You act like you care, but if you really did, you wouldn't act like that to "your" girl and her friends... You only want to be king of the throne and congratulations motherfucker! You are now the majestic -FIRE4KING-, and I hope your ego is satisfied, but remember what I told you... Without tokens you are a fucking nobody, a BIG ZER0!
Only one thing I respect you for and that is, that you token "your" girl up and keep it going, but please treat her with 100% respect...To end my "loveletter", I would just like to say one thing...

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